Congratulations to the New Fox Trail Community Board Members

On April 1, 2024, a record number of Fox Trail residents came out to vote at the Annual Meeting of Members election. A new board was appointed and here are your newly elected officers looking forward to serving our community we call home. 

President – Christopher LaRue 

Christopher joined the Fox Trail community 5 years ago after relocating from North Carolina. Christopher brings a wealth of knowledge and experience including over 10 years of HOA Board member experience and as a healthcare Administrator, promoting healthcare quality outcomes for our community.  Christopher’s main goals are to enhance communication, boost owners’ engagement, protect and improve property values, and utilize association funds effectively. Chris is the Chair for the Covenants & Restrictions and Bylaws review committee, co-Chair for the Canals, Culverts & Storm Committee as well as County Liaison 

Vice President – Jennifer Vurno

Jennifer is a recent Fox Trail resident Jennifer takes pride in being a creative problem solver and aims to improve communication between the board and residents in order to build a strong sense of community. Jennifer serves as Chair of the Architectural  Review, and Landscaping Committee. 

Secretary – Kimberly Preiser 

As a Fox Trail Resident for the past 2 years, Kimberly brings board member experience from several HOAs and most recently served as Secretary this past year on the Fox Trail POA. She understands the board member’s responsibility to enforce the rules and regulations while offering flexibility to find a middle ground. 

Treasurer – Kim Maisenbacher 

Kim Maisenbacher has been a Fox Trail resident for the past 6 years. An attorney by profession as well as a professional fiduciary, Kim has extensive experience in providing legal and administrative support. She has previous experience on the Board of Directors for non profit as well as for profit organizations. Kim is the Chair of the Canal, Culvert & Storm Committee, Chair of the Complaint and Grievance Committee and Co-Chair of the Covenants & Restrictions, and Bylaws Review Committee. 

Board members at large 
Bonnie Brooks – a 19-year resident recently retired from the Palm Beach County school district. Co-Chair of the Complaint and Grievance Committee. 

Carla Conner – a 23 year resident and local realtor who has served on the Fox Trail POA in the past. 

Chris DeSutter – a 21-year resident who has Paralegal experience. 

Lisa Lewis – a 10-year resident of Fox Trail. Co Chair of the Communications, Beautification, and Social Activity Committee. 

Lisa Oliver – has resided in Fox Trail for the past 12 years. Lisa has experience working in the construction industry and has a degree in finance and accounting. Co-Chair of the Architectural Review, Landscaping Committee. 

Kathleen Williams – a long time Fox Trail resident for 25 years Kathy has extensive experience in finance and is the Chair of the Communication, Beautification, and Social Activities Committee. Kathy has served on the Fox Trail board in the past.